Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Friday

1. Do you know the wonderfulness that is Sprinkles cupcakes?  They made a Sprinkles ATM!  As in (like any ATM), I can walk up to it at all hours of the day/night and buy whatever cupcake I want.  I'm excited.  I'm going to try to stay up past ten just so I can take full advantage.  Just FYI, it's located in Dallas.

2. Did you know it's National Ice Cream month?  Yeah, I can't think of a better reason for you to go out and get some ice cream.  As for me, I will mostly refrain.  Ice cream is on the list of absolutely not for me, since I am lactose intolerant.  I can get away with eating some dairy, such as a sprinkle of cheese or low-fat yogurt.  This is every once in a while, of course.  But ice cream?  No dice.  Well, have you heard of Paciugo?  It's technically gelato, but whatevs.  They make dairy-free gelato (okay it's mostly sorbet) and it's delicious.  The location closest to my house offers nine (NINE!) dairy-free flavors.  Yes, please.

3. This random is going to suck for you if you don't watch Project Runway.  Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the show.  Tim Gunn is pretty much awesome in my book.  This season is going to be ridiculous.  I'm my normal week behind, so there's not much I can say to spoil it for you.  Here are some randoms within a random.

  • They brought back Kate.  I don't get it.  She was so awful last season.  So awful.
  • The Russian guy is already super annoying.
  • There are a lot of (rhymes with witches) on this season.  Men and women.  It is going to be full of drama.
  • I love that two of the contestants are from the same city, know each other, compete against one another and hate each other.  
  • I'm pissed that Michael Kors isn't back full-time.  
4. It's Thursday night as I write this and I'm sipping on a hot toddy because I sore throat.  You know what a hot toddy is, right?  Whiskey, honey, lemon and water. My whiskey is honey flavored, so it's even better.

5. I've really got nothing else.  I do have one short sentence about the royal baby.  I'm glad he's here and healthy and all that.  I don't care for his name, but I'm American and I feel in America the name George is not so popular.  Well that was two sentences. 

Have a great weekend.

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