Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Friday

Well, well.  I decided to show back up.  I initially meant to take a small break to prepare for vacation... and that kind of turned into a 3 week hiatus (Sadly, I did not go on a 3 week vacation).  These things happen.  I really meant to spend the summer revamping the blog and spending hours on brainstorming topics and making this little, ole blog the best thing ever.  Well, life happened.  I also freaked myself out over how I wanted it to be perfect, etc.  Well, I decided to just jump right back in.  No long hours of over thinking, just back to the basics.  Ideally this little morsel of Internet real estate will start to evolve as I planned.  This will just happen over time, though.  No big ta-da or big monumental day of a new blog roll out.  I hope you'll stick around.  Now, on to the randoms!

1. Hey guess what?  I went on vacation.  Here are a few pictures.  I might do more of a recap later.  I can't decide if I think you will care or not.

It was 41 degrees and windy!
2. Also, on our vacation, Lola stayed with my Dad.  This is a big deal if you know me and know how my relationship is with my Dad.  While there Lola spent many hours outside on his farm and came home nice and smelly.  So of course she got a spa day.

I had to bribe her for this photo.  Apparently she's hired a publicist.
3. While she was enjoying some pampering, the husband and I took a run around White Rock Lake.  He was fighting a cold, so we walked more than ran and took in the scenery.

4. My car hit 130,000 miles.   We celebrated by keep on keeping on.

I was at a red light and in a very big hurry to catch this moment of victory.
5. Starbucks has a new drink that is perfect for the summer.  Even with soy milk, I'm all latte'd out.  It's called peach green tea lemonade and it's fabulous.

BONUS #6. I was driving back from a client's house and caught this photo of the Dallas skyline.  Beautiful, even if it's a melting, hot mess of a city (as in temperature and humidity).  Also, look at those clouds!  It did end up raining later that day.

Have a fabulous weekend.

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