Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is it just me?

So, I get a Julep box each month.  Well, each month that I choose to.  What's Julep?  Click here.  Anyway, in my last Julep box, I received this nail treatment.

I was super excited.  Why?  I honestly don't know.  I don't have weak, brittle or discolored nails, but for some reason I was super happy about this product.  It's advertised as an oxygen treatment for your nails.  Plus, it has some slight tint to it, which is a bonus.  I put some on and went on about my week.  Towards the end of the week, I reapplied per the directions.  When I took the polish off, my nails were peeling.  Hmm.  Okay, well who knows why they did that (even though they never do that).  I wore regular polish for a week and the next week I wore the nail treatment again.  My nails peeled again.  So, is it just me?  Several other bloggers that I read absolutely love it and it has received some pretty great reviews online.  So, if you have it and you love, I'm glad it works for you.  If you don't have it, well good luck.  I hope it works for you.  Does this mean I'm now against Julep?  Absolutely not.  My next Julep box is in the mail as we speak.  (speak?)


  1. Didn't Kim say the same thing happened to her! That is crazy.

    1. I think I was telling Kim. I think Kim likes it. So... clearly it's just me. Ha!