Friday, March 8, 2013

Random Friday

I've kind of taken over Lola's Friday posts.  The older she gets, the more she sleeps and that can be pretty boring.
Note to her Aunt Tiffany: That little piece of fabric in the photo is Sheldon #1.
So, today's post is a bunch of randomness thrown together.

1. My face has completely broken out.  It's annoying.  I have super sensitive skin, so I use Clinique 3-Step but since I'm such a beauty addict I notoriously cheat on them.  I like Clinique, I just wish it made my skin clearer, etc.  I'm hard to please.  Clearly.  Every time I use something other than Clinique I either have dull skin, I break out or I get really red/rashy/itchy and go crawling back.  It's a never ending cycle.  I really want to try out the Philosophy line.  Yeah, I just said that.

2. We have a house guest visiting us tonight and I'm so excited.  This of course means I have been scrubbing our apartment from top to bottom.  This is such a FWP (first world problem), but it's really done a number on my manicure.  I'm currently wearing a very chipped Essie Glamour Purse.

3. Ulta is having one of those months of savings things that they do every once in a while.  I have about eight things circled on the catalog I received in the mail (to the husband's dismay).  I've always wanted to try CK One makeup and I've heard nothing but fabulous things about the Stila BB.  Check it out here.  Also, hello UD eye shadow primer.

That's it.  I only have three randoms today.  Thanks so much for reading.

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