Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Friday

Happy Friday!  Here's a list of my random thoughts for this week.

1. I'm sure you're dying to know if I cut my hair or not (sarcasm).  That or maybe you can tell by this week's pictures that if I did, it was not by much.  Well, I did.  But not by much.  I still think a lob/bob is the final goal, but I think it's going to take some time to get there.  Baby steps.  It's a process for me.

End Goal (but obvs not blonde) (via)
2. The Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is this weekend.  I'm definitely not running it, but it does affect me because the course runs right by our loft.  The great thing is that one of the bands sets up in the parking lot across from us, so free music all day.  The not so great thing is that they shut down one of the major roads next to us.  So we are partially trapped for the day.

3.  I made Snickerdoodle cookies this week.  I used this recipe.  They were absolutely delicious.  If you need a good, easy cookie recipe, I definitely recommend this one.

4. Speaking of cookies, I'm currently trying to persuade my husband into thinking we need a kitchen aid mixer.  I mean, come on.  I could make so many good treats.

5. If you don't already, please follow me on Facebook and Pinterest.  That's where I'm most active.  That's random, right?

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