Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recipe: Peach Salad

I'm still on my salad kick and the rising temperature only makes me crave them more.  Plus, it's so easy to throw the ingredients together after a long day at work.  I came across the recipe for this Peach Salad in my Instyle magazine.  I also found the pin on Pinterest.  This salad includes peaches and cherries, which makes this the perfect time of year for this salad since both are currently in season.

The recipe can be found HERE.
Cherries and Peaches
It can be a bit tedious to cut up the peach and taking the pits out of the cherries.

Almonds and Stilton Cheese
You can buy almonds that are already chopped up or you can chop them up yourself.

Slightly Sad Thyme
Don't forget to add some herbs.

Grilled Chicken
You can chop the chicken up and toss it with the salad or serve the salad on the chicken.  It's easier for us to go ahead and chop it up and throw it in with everything.

Lemon and Orange Juice
This is such a simple dressing, yet it's so good.

Do you have any summer staples?

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