Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lola. Dog

My Dearest Blog Readers,

As promised, my post today is about my stay with the Big Dog. Honestly, I was pretty scared at first. He's big. When we first approached each other, I may or may not have snipped a little at him. It was only to show him that I may be small, but I'm not a pushover. I received quite the lecture from the woman about it. Something about manners. Anyway, after she left I tried to sniff around, so I could get a better grip on my surroundings. In the end, I was truly worried for no reason. The Big Dog is the sweetest dog. Now, we didn't become best friends or anything like that. I like my space... and his (he has the coziest bed!). But, we are better acquaintances. We watched the rain together. We took naps together. We watched college football together. All in all I had a fabulous time. He is quite the gracious host. Sheldon even enjoyed his time there. Below are a few pictures of my trip to the Big Dog's house.

Until next time,

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