Friday, October 19, 2012


My Dearest Blog Readers,

I'm officially ready for the election to be over.  I feel like I've been battered by those that want to lead our country.  "I'll do this.  I'll do that.  He does this.  He does that."  "Romney's ahead, Obama stepped up, etc."  I am just tired of it.  Can you imagine if we lived in a swing state?  I mean, I've seen a few ads on TV, but I bet citizens in swing states are absolutely bombarded!  Now, I know politics are important.  Electing the leader of our country is a very big deal.  But, I am done.  I know who I am voting for (if I was allowed) and it's too late to sway my vote.  So to that I say, shush it candidates!

So, on to other things that are happening around here.  The area we live in is under construction.  This does not affect parking, but it does affect traffic flow.  Plus, with all the construction equipment, it's so loud all day long.  The big ones don't understand this, because they are gone all day.  The noise stops by the time they get home.  I am excited to see what changes they make.  We are also getting new restaurants in our area.  Not that I'm allowed to go to restaurants, but I like to look at the buildings and smell the food.  Sheldon appreciates it, too.  The front of our building is getting a face lift, as well as several of the retails shops.  I can't wait to see what they do.  I'm also very ready for the breezeway to not be blocked off.  I hate that it funnels people in to the walkway.  It gets so congested and I'm so claustrophobic.

Anyway, the big ones brought me back absolutely nothing from their travels.  They came home with mounds of dirty laundry and the man brought home a cold.  Do you see why I am always against them traveling without me?

Until next time,

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