Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walking around the French Quarter, Day 1 & 2

SG and I headed to New Orleans on October 5th.  We woke up early and headed out, in order to beat morning rush hour.  We were in New Orleans by 3:00 and sat in minimal traffic.  We stayed in two different places during our stay.  Mainly because we bought an Amazon/Groupon type of thing for two nights, so we needed to stay at another place for the other two nights.  We started out at Royal Barracks.  I would describe this as a Bed and Breakfast, but without the breakfast.  We stayed in the Peacock Room.  This is actually what is known as a "guest house".  So, the entire place is a converted guest house.  Our room was small and pretty dark (one window).  But, boy did it have character.  It had a small court yard and we had our own entrance.  It really felt more like staying at a relative's home.  The hospitality was definitely a major part of the experience.  Kelly is the innkeeper and she is fabulous.  She is the friendliest person I have ever encountered in New Orleans (this was our second trip).  She's one of those people that you feel like you have known forever.  On Friday evening she hosted a small party for all of the guests.  There was wine and light appetizers.  We met lots of interesting people from all over the country.  We even met another couple from Dallas.  Kelly has a cute little dog, Sugah B, who is also a wonderful host.

The entrance to our room is through the gate on the right.  This looks like a small, little house, but it's very deep.  I believe there are 5 or so rooms in this "guest house". 

This is a photo of one of the streets in the French Quarter.  The houses are very narrow, but very deep.  There are different styles and different colors. 

Kelly also told us about an area just outside of the French Quarter that we had never heard of.  In fact, in the past we were told to not leave the French Quarter.  It's called Frenchman Street and it is really awesome.  This is a street where you will find less tourists and more locals.  It's a street of pubs and restaurants.  There are live bands in each one playing jazz, blues, country, and rock and roll.  There is also an alley full of local vendors, local artists.  We spent our first and second evening here and really enjoyed every moment of it.   

 This is a not so great photo of the Sweet Street Symphony.  They are performing on Frenchman Street.  I wish I would have captured a better photo of the guy sitting down in front of the bass.  He was wearing a black speedo and ruby red slippers.  He is incredibly talented.  We really enjoyed this band.  There is so much talent in New Orleans.

Of course, we also did some of the very touristy things, as well.  We love the fact that there is so much to do in New Orleans.

 The Gulf.

How can you go to New Orleans and not get some beignets and a cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.  There is also Cafe Beignet, that makes fabulous beignets, as well.  And they are not cash only.

 We found this really cute little restaurant close to the Royal Barracks.  It's called, Eat.  They have fabulous food.  I had the chicken and dumplings, and they were amazing.  It was served in a small cast iron skillet.  The chicken, vegetables, and broth were topped with three gigantic biscuits.  Delicious.

This is actually a group of wedding guests.  I had no idea, but apparently if you get married in the French Quarter, then you can participate in this "tradition".  I seriously have no idea if it's a tradition or not, all I know is what I saw.  Several times.  A police escort leads the party and shuts down the street.  The bride and groom lead the group, the bride with a white, lace umbrella.  The wedding guests follow and they wave white dinner napkins in the air.  They are all dancing and cheering.  It's very interesting to watch.  

This beer is made in New Orleans.  SG tried it and he really liked it.  Once we returned to Dallas, we discovered it is easily found here, as well.

Come back soon for Day 3 and Day 4.

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