Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beauty Spotlight: DD Creme

In my June Julep Box selection, I changed my profile from 'Classic' to 'Beauty', which means that I get two beauty products instead of nail polish.  Read more about Julep HERE.  So, this month I received the new DD creme and the DD concealer.  What is DD Creme?  It's the new thing in the line of BB and CC Cremes.  I have no idea if someone will eventually make an EE Creme, but my guess is yes.  So, basically it's a tinted moisturizer that provides other benefits such as it also primes, perfects and protects.  One thing I love about it is that it has SPF 25.  It also contains anti-aging ingredients to help 'perfect' over time.  My absolute favorite thing about it is that it provides buildable coverage.  Let me be frank.  I don't have perfect skin.  I'm 30 and I still break out frequently.  There's no way I would feel comfortable wearing a tinted moisturizer for every day wear.  However, I  use this as the first step in my beauty routine (well, after I moisturize).  It primes my skin, so my foundation lasts longer, it provides that much needed and coveted sun protection that is not included in my moisturizer, and the anti-aging benefits are just a bonus.  Personally, I would not use this product alone, but if you don't need much coverage it honestly may replace several beauty products for you.

The concealer is pretty good.  The packaging makes it hard to get the product out, but other than that it works well.  I use it to conceal blemishes.

Would you try the new DD Creme?

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  1. I haven't yet tried any of the BB, CC, or DD cremes out there, but it's on my list this summer since I tend to cut back on the amount of makeup I wear!


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