Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beauty Spotlight: Real Techniques Brush Set

A month or so ago I bought a real Techniques brush set from Ulta.  I had heard a lot about these brushes on different blogs and saw them pinned on Pinterest a lot.  So, naturally I was intrigued.  Ulta had them as part of their 21 days sale for 20% off.  I combined that with my $3.50 off coupon and got this set for quite a steal.  I originally wanted just the foundation brush, but could not pass up the deal for the set.

My brush collection before this purchase consisted of random brushes I received with product purchases.  I have one from Prescriptives, Mark., and a few from bareMinerals.  All very random and used randomly for different things, which creates a lot of product transfer.  I'm very happy to have the start of a set at a reasonable price.

I actually don't even use the foundation brush for foundation, but I'll get to that.  This is the buffing brush.  After I moisturize I put on concealer and a layer of foundation.  Then I use this brush to apply this pressed powder to my T zone.  This is my favorite brush.  It allows me to put the product where I want it (none of the product flies haphazardly off the brush) and I can easily layer on the amount of product that I desire.  The bristles are soft and do not irritate my skin.  This brush is very plush, so I don't feel like I'm using a wimpy brush at all.

This is the contouring brush.  I use it to apply bronzer.  The shape of this brush allows me more control over the product application.  It's also shaped to easily apply product right under my cheek bones.

This is the foundation brush.  In my opinion it is a bit small to use to apply foundation.  That or I have a ginormous face.  I like full coverage, so I apply foundation over my entire face.  So instead of using it for foundation, I use it to apply highlighter.  It's a smaller brush, so it's perfect to apply a small amount of product right on the top of my cheekbones, down my nose and on the front of my chin.

This is the detailer brush.  It's very small and works perfect to apply lipstick or even concealer.  It has a small point, which makes detailed application easier.

Overall each brush is easy to use.  The handles allow for a nice grip and so far none of them have started to shed.  They are easy to wash, as well.  I would definitely purchase more brushes from this brand in the future.

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