Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Popsugar: September

I'm pretty far behind on doing reviews for my monthly box.  I've actually already received October's box, as well.  September's box was delivered very late in the month and I really wanted to give myself some time to try out the products.  Just a small side note, starting in November the price of the Popsugar Must Have box will increase from $35 to $39.95.  Find out more HERE.

Barr-Co Original Scent Reed Diffuser
Description:  This reed diffuser comes in the original scent, which is a blend of milk, oatmeal and viveter.
Price: $46.00
Review:  This really made the entire box worth it.  The scent is fabulous without being overbearing.  It's very hard to have a consistent scent in our loft, since our ceilings are so tall, but I placed this close to the door and I smell it every single time I come home.  It's one of my favorite box items.

You'll have to tilt your head.  I noticed too late that I didn't flip this picture.  
Description: Organic energy chews
Price: $17.80 for a box of 12 (about $1.48 each)
Review:  They definitely are VERY chewy. (Like stick in your teeth chewy)  I'm a gummy bear addict, but I honestly didn't really care for these.  I also did not notice any change in my energy level.  Of course I wasn't being active when I ate these, I was sitting at my desk.  So, there you go.

That's It 
Description: It's an all natural, vegan bar with only two ingredients - fruit and fruit.
Price: $19.99 for a box of 12 (about $1.66 each)
Review:  This bar was pretty amazing.  I thought it was absolutely delicious and am pretty amazed by the ingredients.  I would definitely buy this in the future.  It was a great, filling (healthy) snack.

This is a $25 gift card to Shoptiques.  I briefly looked at the website and they have a few cute pieces.  

Rifle Paper Co. 
Description: Botanical Coaster Set
Price: $16.00
Review: I'm not a floral person and I will never use these in my home.  They would make a good hostess gift for someone who likes floral patterns.

P.S. You're Invited
Description: It's a DIY book.
Price: $18.55 (Amazon)
Review: I'm not big on DIY.  I'm not a crafty or patient person.  I flipped through the book thinking I might try something and honestly I didn't like anything that was DIY'ed in the book.

My Kitsch Headbands
Description: These are just like the crease less hair ties, except they are head bands.
Price: Around $15.99
Review: I've been using these headbands to pull my hair off my face when working out and when I wash my face.  They work better if most of you hair is already in a ponytail.

There you have it, that's the September box.

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