Monday, November 19, 2012

Errands... and things

This past weekend was one of the first weekends in a while where I didn't really have anything planned.  No plans, no obligations.  However, I did have quite the to-do list.  Here is a list of randoms.

1. People are hard to shop for.  My husband's family lives in far south Texas and my family lives in north (west) Texas.  We live pretty much in the middle of both destinations.  So, for the holidays we switch off families for each holiday.  This year we will be visiting my family for Thanksgiving and SG's for Christmas.  When we visit my family for Thanksgiving, we also do Christmas with them at that time.  Confused yet?  So, I procrastinated Christmas shopping for my family until this past weekend.  Of course, I did.  Usually I have a general idea of what to get my family, but this year I was at a total loss.  I'm sure I called my Grandma 4-5 times for ideas.  This reminds me, I owe her a phone call.  Target has awful reception and I finally just had to hang up.  Speaking of Target, they have some really cute sweaters on sale right now.  They would look great on your Mom (hopefully my Mom agrees).

2. We put up our Christmas tree.  I know, I know.  Respect the bird.  I just couldn't help it.  I'm going to Pinterest party early in December and we are making an ornament wreath.  So I shopped ornaments early (for said wreath), to take advantage of the sales at Hobby Lobby.  Now I'm in the holiday spirit and I just can't help it.  I listened to Christmas music (gasp!) all day yesterday while we pulled out the Christmas decorations.  My excuse (although I don't really feel I need one) is that we will be out of town this weekend and I would like to come home to the tree already up.  So there's that.


3. I bought new nail polish.  This also reminds me that I never shared my October Birchbox.  That's how exciting it was.  Okay, to be fair I did like a few things.  I ate the Luna bar that was included (but I already knew I loved Luna bars - yum!), they included a Sprouts chapstick that is super awesome (I may or may not have a chapstick addiction), and there was a full size Essie nail polish (color: fair game).  So, on to my original random thought: I bought new nail polish.  I've tried Essie in the past and I've always really liked it.  I just haven't always liked that it's about $8 a bottle.  Well, I bought Essie leading lady.  And I love it.  It's red and glittery.  I'm not so sure red and glittery are office appropriate, but I'm wearing it anyway (it's a short work week, after all).  I do have to say that it reminds me of Christmas.  I think the red on its own would be fine, but the glitter really livens it up and makes it festive.  Anyway, I go on and on about it to say that it would be a fabulous stocking stuffer.  Or you could buy it for yourself and wear it to all the Christmas events you will be attending next month.

4. I hate season finales.  I don't watch a ton of TV, but I do really like the shows that I do watch.  These shows are slowly starting to end for the season and I hate season finales, I hate cliff hangers, and I hate waiting.  I also hate boring off season TV.  That being said, I love Netflix.  I realize I'm seasons late on this, but SG and I have started watching The Walking Dead.  I love zombies, so I have no idea why I'm so late to the party on this.  We are also adding American Horror Story to our queue.  I have a love for scary movies, so again I'm not sure why I'm just starting to watch this show, either.  That's all I have for now.

Happy Monday.

*The opinions in this post are all my own.  No one is paying me to say anything about any of the products mentioned above.  However, if someone did want to pay me... I kid, I kid.

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