Friday, November 30, 2012


My Dearest Blog Readers,

I had such a good trip to the place that is far, far away.  I visited with my grandma and great-grandma - both of whom I rarely see.  There was plenty of food and I have to say I really love my box.  You know... my box.  The one I threw a fit about here.  Now that I'm used to it, it's really a great little box.  My blanket fits perfectly and I can curl up in a little ball and sleep the trip away.  I will say the trip to far, far away was a lot faster than the trip home from far, far away.  It was 4 mid size naps there and 5 mid size naps back.  I'm not sure what the deal was.  We stopped the same number of times (once).  It's really neither here nor there, though.  I'm just glad to be home.  I mean, I love my relatives, but nothing beats my cozy bed and my cozier comforter.  The comforter that is too bulky to pack for out of town trips. 

So, regarding the dog I didn't see eye to eye with... have you ever been around someone that just wouldn't go away?  Yeah, that's that dog in a nutshell.  I tried to be civil.  I tried to be mature.  I tried to be the bigger dog.  Eventually I just snapped at it, I mean.. I had all this annoyance just rolled up inside of me.  It was growing bigger and bigger with every passing moment.  I was hoping it would get the hint when I gave short responses to its questions.  Or when I would go the other way when it was approaching.  I even tried to have a meaningful chat about personal space and about the woman and man belonging to me.  This dog was just... dense.  Finally I just whipped my head around and snapped at it.  Can you believe it still did not get the hint?  So, I just avoided it.  Kept to myself.  It was awful.  Then the little dog left.  And I felt so ashamed for being so mean.  It was Thanksgiving after all.  I thought out several apologies in my mind - to tell the little dog when it came back.  Also, I should interject here and say that by little, I mean younger.  This dog was technically bigger than me.  They called it a chihuahua (if you can believe that), but I don't think it was.  Anyway, I had all these things I was going to say.  But it never came back.  I penned out several letters, but then realized I didn't have an address for the dog.  I would say that I feel miserable guilt now, but I don't.  I keep rationalizing in my head that this little dog needed to know it's bounds.  I guess I really could have relayed the message in a better manner.  Well, I'm sure the little dog will be there next year.  That's it.  Next year.  I will prepare myself next year to tolerate this dog.  I should write another letter about appropriate boundaries and how I may have been annoyed, but that I should have taught the dog manners and not been so coarse. 

Let this just be a lesson to us all to mind our p's and q's.  (Which actually means pints and quarts... did you know that?)

Until next time,

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  1. Sounds like you kept it together as long as you could. What's a dog to do?