Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rambling on...

I was out of town for the holidays, so I didn't really get a chance to plan any blog posts for this week.  I really enjoyed my time with family.  I also enjoyed the car ride to and from my grandmother's house.  I know that sounds crazy.  It's about a five and a half hour drive each way.  I enjoyed that time, because it gave me a chance to have some really good discussions with my husband.  We would talk for a while and then listen to a few podcasts (NPR) and then talk for a while again.  My husband I can talk freely about all kinds of things.  We both have careers in the same industry, so we can talk for hours about that.  This usually leads to conversations about business and politics.  We talk about our career tracks and our dreams and passions.  We talk about our family and our excitement about the future.  We are usually both so busy in our every day lives that we only get about an hour a day to chat.  Seriously chat, that is.  Share our thoughts and ideas about, well really everything.  We both work and we are both involved in other organizations outside of work.  I feel like we are always on the go.  And on Monday, when life picked up that fast paced speed again, our lives fell right back to where we were before the break.  Work is busy.  Life is busy.  I've learned to be as thankful for the quiet times as I am for the fun, busy times. 

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