Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

What did I do this weekend?  Lots.  It was my good friend's birthday, so a few of us gathered together and spent the day in Ft. Worth celebrating.  We went to the Titanic Exhibit at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History.  It's a very interesting exhibit.  Upon entering you are given a boarding pass with the name of a person who was actually on the Titanic.  So, when looking at all the different stages (being on the Titanic, hitting the iceberg, sinking), I looked not only at the whole picture, but also at the details of my person, who was in 3rd class.  Then at the end of the exhibit, there is a wall of survivors and those that did not make it.  My person did not make it and I was very sad about it.  This really make the experience so much more personal to me.
We then headed over the La Familia in the downtown area of Ft. Worth (I am not at all familiar with Ft. Worth).  We brought cupcakes from JRaes (delicious), but the birthday girl was also serenaded and presented with a sombrero and this jalapeno longhorn.  Too cute, yes?
My other weekend plans included attending the White Rock Lake Festival.  However, due to high winds and possible rain, it was canceled.  So, we went to a movie instead.  We saw the new James Bond movie.  It was excellent and I recommend it.  One other thing I tried to do?  I tried to take a picture of Lola for our Christmas card.  She does not appreciate photographs and always tries to charge me.  I refused, so she kept turning her head.  I don't think I have a single one that will work.  I need to go back through them all.  If not, everyone is getting a basic penguin Christmas card from us.
Enjoy your week!

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