Friday, November 9, 2012

Lola. Dog

My Dearest Blog Readers,

Welcome to the blog.  I say that, because I know the woman hasn't blogged all week.  I hope you don't think she's been busy... because she hasn't.  Sure, she gets up and goes to work all week.  Blah, blah.  She then comes home and she and the man cook dinner and then watch TV.  Yeah, TV. They've mostly been catching up on Bones on Netflix, which I don't mind.  I already watched all those episodes months ago, but I'm pretty good at not ruining the end of each one.  She also painted her nails yesterday.  I mentioned that she could be blogging, instead, but she then said something about writer's block.  I was kicked out of the room when I suggested you actually have to be a writer to suffer from writer's block.  (Which clearly I am).  Anyway, I would like to apologize on her behalf for being boring.

I guess I may be kind of boring as well, but I'm a dog so really what do you expect?  I think we all go through these slumps.  As I clicked through all my daily fashion blogs this morning I realized that they are all wearing essentially the same thing.  Or giving the same tutorial they gave last week, just with different colors.  Or giving useless tutorials just to fill their blog.  Blah.  I'm not saying I've never done this, so really this is just me being crabby.  I guess I'm just waiting for the next event.  I'm eager to go see my Grandma for Thanksgiving.  I'm eager to eat all the wonderful food and visit with family I have not seen in a while.  In the same sentence, I'm ready for it to be over.  The holidays can be hard on me.  Traveling is the worst and my skin gets so dry with all that car air.  But, I do enjoy the season.  Again, I guess I'm just crabby. 

This crabbiness is from this week.  I'm exhausted.  I wasn't going to bring it up, because I'm really not political - although I did vote - but this week has just been too much.  All people have talked about for the last 6 months is this damn election.  Then the two weeks leading up to election day were absolutely hectic.  It was a super close race.  The day of the election was crazy.  The day AFTER the election?  Oh my.  I had to log off all social media for the day.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  That was definitely one day that I am glad I am not associated with the human race.  And with that I bid you farewell.

Until next time,

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