Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Gift Idea

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I wanted to make a small little something for our couple friends this year.  So, of course I perused Pinterest until I found a neat little gift.

Source: Pinterest via Happiness is... via Creative Gift & Party Ideas via Delightful Distraction
The above photo is the actual photo from Pinterest. My jars did not turn out quite so cute.

You will need 2 lemon wedges, 1 lime slice and 2 orange slices per jar.

Then add 3 cinnamon sticks, 2-3 tbsp. whole cloves and 3 bay leaves.

No matter what I'm making, I always make a mess.

Put all the above ingredients into a pint size jar and add water. 

I did not include a small strip of fabric under my lids, but I did tie some twine around the lid.  I also created labels with instructions.  Per the original post, the instructions should say the following:

Pour contents into saucepan on stove top and simmer
on low heat, add water as needed.
Refrigerate to keep fresh.

I, of course, made a jar for myself to test out.  I didn't want to gift some disgusting smelling concoction.  So, just empty the contents of one jar into a saucepan, simmer and enjoy.  It smells delightful.

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