Friday, December 21, 2012


My Dearest Blog Readers,

First things first, I get to announce the winners of the Giveaway.  Congratulations to:

thefordhouse: I would like to try the Stunner stick!
hollybeckerley: I would like to try Stunner!  Thanks, ;)

The woman will be reaching out to both of you to set up delivery arrangements.  Thank you for participating in our Giveaway.

Here's a list of my random thoughts:

1. So, the end of the world is... today.  In preparation I packed up some water and some dog food.  I threw in a rawhide bone for good measure.  I bought a helmet for Sheldon... then I started thinking.  If the world ends, then that probably means I just die, yes?  (Sheldon, too).  I'm going to have to re-think my preparation strategy.

2. Next week is Christmas!! I'm so excited.  I really love this time of the year.  Mainly, because I don't get left behind when the big ones go on road trips. I get to see my Nana.  And I get to eat food that I'm never allowed to eat.  I also get to spend entire days with the big ones.  That rarely happens.  They work, they run errands, etc.  The only other time I get the entire day with them is when one of them is sick.  That truly is not fun at all.

Merry Christmas Blog Readers.  I hope you all get to spend it surrounded by family and/or loved ones.

Until next time,

Yes, I'm still wearing that tattered green ribbon.

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