Monday, December 3, 2012

Pinterest Party

I went to a Pinterest Party on Saturday.   It's the first Pinterest Party I have ever been to.  We all brought snacks and drinks and really just had a great time.  What did we make?  An ornament wreath.  Just in time for the holidays.  Here is the blog that the pin came from.  Since you can visit the original tutorial about it, I'm not going to do a very detailed step by step.  I'm just going to tell you about my experience. 

I believe the tutorial says you need between 72-80 ornaments.  I bought exactly 72 at Hobby Lobby right before Thanksgiving (I know, I know - but they were on super sale!)  Our loft and decor are pretty modern, so I chose black, silver and purple for my wreath.  I would like to also note that you should not get a manicure right before doing this project.  Luckily my manicure was way old, so it was no big deal.

It's important that you check and see how well the ornament toppers are attached to the ornaments.  If you pull on them and they come out, then they need to be hot glued to the ornament.  You don't want to string it all together just to find out you have loose toppers when all your ornaments start falling off.  That would be sad.

This is an ornament topper (and a week old manicure).  Put glue in the top and around the little wire things.  You want those glued in as well.

Be prepared to burn your fingers and/or be covered in glue.  Unless you are awesome at glue guns.  Then disregard.

Completely demolish a wire hanger.  Use pliers to unwind it and then shape it into a circle.  There are two shown here.  You only need one.

Then string all your ornaments onto the hanger.  The key to finishing this project is to use the pliers to make two hooks.  Then hook the ends of the wire together and mash them closed.  You can hide this part with a ribbon.


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