Friday, September 6, 2013

Random Friday

What is it about short weeks that seem so long?  This was such a long work week and I am just over the moon that it is finally Friday.  We are going to a very important birthday party tomorrow and I cannot wait to join in the festivities.  You only turn 2 once.  On to the randoms.

1. Last Friday the husband and I went to the Texas Tech game.  We started out tailgating where I was given this festive koozie by a house guest of ours.

I'm so happy that we will be attending two more Tech games this year.  We will be making the trek to Lubbock later this month and then again in November.  The best part is that I have family in that area and will be able to visit with them on the trip, as well.

2. Did you partake in the Labor Day sales?  I'm very happy to say I picked up a few things that were too good to pass up.  I needed to add a jean jacket to my wardrobe and the Gap Outlet did not disappoint.  I also found a pair of oxfords, which is just the icing on the cake.  Sephora has some Urban Decay items in their online sale section right now.  You should check it out.

3. Project Runway Randoms (possible spoilers):  I'm a week behind, as usual.  One general observation that I have is that I normally don't agree with the judges.  For example, those baggy, poopy looking pants actually won a challenge?  Those things were awful.  Tim Gunn was right on when he said he was against those pants.  As for people who are sent home; sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't.  It bothers me that they don't always consider the previous weeks.  A contest can be in the bottom for three weeks, but a first time in the bottom contestant could still be sent home instead.  I guess it's because one week you're in and the next week you're out.

4. This is seriously very random.  Did you know that you can buy insurance on your fantasy football players?  I'm not a fantasy football person, so maybe I just don't get it, but do people realize that this is not real?  It's... fantasy.  Still, you can purchase insurance on one of the players you pick for your team and if that player gets injured, you will receive some amount of payment.  I'm wondering how this is all taxed... Also, I cannot find anything about this on NPR's website, which is where I originally heard it.

5. I think I've mentioned it before, but Lola loves the blanket on our bed.  She would curl up in a ball and sleep on it forever.  If she can't lay on the bed then she'll take what she can get, even if it's just a tiny section of the blanket that just happened to fall off the bed.

Also, this happened (more than once).  

Have a great weekend.

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