Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Friday

Happy Friday.  I have a lot of links for you this week, so enjoy.

1. What do you wear to interview with Anna Wintour?  Splurging for me is buying J.Crew full price, so this list really just cracked me up.  According to #10 this means I have no money.

2. So, a quick update on Disqus: Apparently it does not mesh well with Blogger mobile... or something.  So that's how my comments keep getting eaten.  I did adjust the settings, so I don' think you have to sign up for Disqus to post now.  If that's not true, let me know.  I did attempt to adjust the settings, which involves rewriting a small portion of the code on this blog's template.  I seriously thought, meh - there are step-by-step instructions, how hard can it be.  I didn't get past step 2.  So there you go.  I know nothing about writing code.

3. Project Runway: Can we talk about last week's episode for a minute?  The challenge was to design a dress for the 'modern, southern woman'.  Which I'm thinking is totally me.  Yeah, no it's not.  You can see all the designs HERE.  I thought the second winner was spot on and something I would wear.  I thought the first winner was dreadful and looked like a tablecloth.

4. 30 must see photos that are described as unique and compelling.  The are very interesting and capture some pretty interesting moments in our past.  #16 tugs at my heart strings.

5.  Saturday is the official first day of Fall and it's not supposed to be above 90 degrees in Dallas.  This means I might actually start talking about Fall related things on the blog soon.  

Have a great weekend.

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