Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Friday

1. I didn't realize that mums are just a Texas thing.  How did others survive homecoming without one??  HERE is everything you need to know about mums, if you don't live in Texas (and a fun read even if you do).

2. It is no secret that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  It's in the Fall, has pumpkins as its mascot and is the scariest holiday (minus the creepy leprechauns that are associated with St. Patrick's Day).  So, it should come as no surprise that my Halloween decorations are already out.

3.  I honestly don't watch a ton of TV, but after a summer filled with absolutely nothing to watch, I am just beside myself with excitement over the start of some good TV.  The exception to a summer of bad TV is Franklin & Bash.  Obviously.  I'm very glad New Girl is back and I'm very much looking forward to watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I'm kind  of a nerd.
4.  The husband and I are going on a date tonight and I'm really looking forward to it.  We are going out to dinner at a place where we will have to dress up and where we had to make reservations.  We are fancy.  Although we go on mini dates all the time: see a movie, grab some dinner, etc., we only go on dress up fancy, valet parking type of dates once in a blue moon.  It is going to be great.

5.  We have been taking Lola on short, little walks around our building.  She needs the exercise and with the temperatures cooling off a tiny bit in the evening, it makes for a nice stroll.  However, we always have trouble in one area.  There is an American Apparel on the ground level of our building and they always have the sign below set out in the walkway in front of their door.  Lola is terrified of this little boy.  She comes to a dead stop and only with lots of nudging will carefully walk as far as she can to get around the sign.  Every evening.  She is hilarious.

Have a great weekend.

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