Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Staples

I know I've said several times that I am very anxiously awaiting the cooler season that is fast approaching.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather activities such as enjoying a beer on the patio and riding my bike through the neighborhood.  I'm also looking forward to saying good bye to summer wear and slowly starting to introduce warmer clothing into my daily routine.  I don't like hot weather and I don't like cold weather.  Fall, clearly, is my favorite season.  When the temperatures change and all my favorite stores start introducing their new lines for the season, I immediately want to go out and buy it all.  But, there's not a money tree growing in my loft, so I have picked a few staples that I would like to add to my wardrobe.  Staples that can mingle with the clothes that are already in my closet.

Fall Staples

J.Crew Blazer:  The two pictures are of the same blazer.  I'm really enjoying the elbow patch detail that I'm seeing in the new collections that are now in stores.  It's kind of a side nod to the equestrian theme that is so big this time of the year, without going all out with horse prints and riding pants.

Kate Spade Bag: I am a happy owner of a Kate Spade bag.  So, a new Kate Spade is not necessary.  I am happy with my current bag.  The reason I included this bag is due to functionality.  This bag is sleek and has a handle and a cross-body strap.  It's the addition of the cross-body strap to this bag that gains its inclusion to this set.  Bags get heavy.  Especially when you are trekking across the mall.  A cross-body strap really comes in handy.

Banana Republic Cardigan: I have a confession.  I already purchased this cardigan.  You know, a few weeks ago when it was 106 degrees.  I'm waiting as patiently as I possibly can to wear it.  Waiting.  Patiently.

Banana Republic Pants:  I own these pants in navy and I really love the fit.  Burgundy can be such a season specific color.  So, I am slightly undecided on this.  I'm still working on a set on Polyvore to see if I can make it work for other seasons.

DSW Boots: I came across these shoes when I was doing a pairing for a reader here.  Polyvore is dangerous like that.  You pair a few things for your blog and in doing so you come across several wonderful things that you would like to add to your closet.  Luckily I try to pair reasonably priced items (with some exceptions) on my blog, so these shoes won't break the bank.

Cap Toed Pumps:  I really love these shoes.  I'm really enjoying the cap toed shoe trend and this is a very neutral selection for my conservative office.

J.Crew Polka Dot Scarf: I may or may not be in love with polka dots right now.  I'm seeing them everywhere.  I've seen polka dot sweaters and polka dot denim.  I think a polka dot scarf would be a great way to add a print to an outfit.

Kate Spade Bow Bangle:  I love bows and buckles and baubles.  This is a sophisticated way to wear a bow on your wrist.  The red adds a little color.

What staples are you adding to your closet?

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