Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

What a wonderful weekend!  Our weekend was jam packed full of lots of fun things.

On Friday I had a girl's night out with some of my very close friends.  We met up at a hibachi grill and really just had a great time.  The food was really good and the conversation went on for hours.  Do you have friends like that?  I think you can have the type of friends that you feel so comfortable with that a few moments of silence are not awkward and then you have the type of friends that there will never be a moment of silence to even bother with.  The bad part of continuous conversation is that I always forget to take a picture. 

Pardon the bad cell phone picture

On Saturday we went to an engagement party for a sweet couple we know.  Their engagement party was held at Wine Cellar of Starwood, which is in Frisco.  All the attendees bought a bottle of wine to contribute to the tasting, so we all imbibed on several different kinds of wine.  SG and I really had a great time.

We kept the party going on Sunday with brunch for a friend's birthday.  A group of us went to Hotel Intercontinental.  I have never been to this hotel for brunch before, but it was so delicious.  They have a huge buffet spread that includes breakfast items (omelets and waffles), as well as lunch items (prime rib and shrimp).  They have a a huge table just for desserts.  We also enjoyed bottomless mimosas. 

Have a great week!

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