Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's Monday.  As if you needed a reminder.  Mondays and I have never seemed to find common ground in our dislike for one another.  I'm usually still clinging to the past weekend, since the next weekend seems so far away that it will be impossible to reach.  So, here I am.  Clinging.

We went to a birthday party on Saturday.  For a one year old.  I remember when the little tyke was born.  He has grown so much in one year and has learned so much.  He can stand up by himself, but he has yet to take that first step.  He also threw up on me.  Which reiterates why I love to hand children off to their mother's, instead of, well, you know, being their mother.  I had on a brand new shirt, too, by the way.  Here's a picture of his birthday cake.

As Lola mentioned in her post, she did indeed get her hair done.  She now smells nice and clean and even received a nice little trim.  This pretty pink bow lasted all of 5 minutes when we got home.  No, not because she tore it off, but because my husband refused to take her outside with that pink bow on.  I think she looked really cute.  Party pooper.

We made it over to Bath and Body Works to stock up on some new Fall fragrances.  This scent is a winner in our household.  I love Fall and my husband loves anything that doesn't smell too sweet.  The only issue we have is the smell filling up the loft space.  Our ceilings are pretty high and in true loft style, it's a complete open space.  I may have to go back and buy more, so I can burn several at at time of the same scent.  We also purchased black pepper bergamot, marshmallow fireside (not as sweet as it sounds) and autumn. 

Lastly, I convinced my husband that it was time to break out the Fall decorations.  One of my favorite decorations are these pudka pods that I bought last year.  I have enough to fill this bowl for my coffee table and one of my apothecary jars.  They are cute and tiny and they look like miniature pumpkins.  I'm patiently waiting until October to break out all of my Halloween decorations.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Sadly, we did not make it to the West Elm floor sample sale, which really is too bad.  But, probably very good in the long run... for my bank account anyway.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

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