Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Netflix Series

Netflix kind of took off with a brave idea, to create their own series.  The idea was to create this series and only make it available to Netflix subscribers.  This would kind of make the leap into Netflix being sort of like a network.  It was very risky.  Netflix had already pissed off a lot of its customers by splitting up the instant viewing and DVD subscriptions and thus by raising their prices.  The series, House of Cards, was set up under the instant viewing subscription.  The entire first season was released at once, so the viewer could watch the season at any desired pace.  So far the risk was worth it.  The husband and I are almost all the way through the first season.  There are some great pros to this idea.  We can watch as many episodes at a time that we so wish.  Plus, since it's not on at a 'set' time, less people are ruining the ending via social media outlets.  That 'set' time aspect can be see as a con, too.  It doesn't show on a regular schedule, so viewers may forget to watch it.  However, the series is fabulous.  Kevin Spacey is truly a wonderful actor and the husband and I were hooked after one episode.  Our TV viewing conversations now consist of, "What's on the DVR?" and "Or we can watch House of Cards."  Obviously I recommend you checking it out.  Netflix also announced a second series, Hemlock Grove.  We will definitely be checking it out.

*Disclaimer: I thought this would be a fun post to throw in the mix.  I was not compensated for this post.  Netflix only knows me through my bank account, which sends them money each month for the subscriptions.


  1. I've never seen house of cards, but I've heard good things!

    1. It's definitely worth checking out.