Thursday, April 25, 2013


I like to listen to classical music while I'm at work.  I work with numbers all day, so if I listen to a station with a lot of words, I get hella distracted.  Well they also air the city hall meetings on the same station.  Out of laziness, I never change the station and since those meetings are the most boring things ever, I don't get distracted.  It's like background noise.  White noise.  Until now.  There I am, crunching numbers and minding my own business when profanities start flying from the radio speakers.  This is not cool in the type of business I work in.  I immediately reach for the volume button to turn it down.  Of course I put my ear right up to the speakers to hear what is going on.  I hear some guy talking, a woman trying to interrupt him and then a yelled, "Security".  Some guy just got kicked out of the City Hall meeting.  Of course that was the highlight of my day.  Also, I ate a bag of Cheetos for lunch.  That's bad, right?


  1. WRR...LOVE. HATE meeting days...I don't live in Dallas....don't like politicians.....I don't care.

    I would assume that and the cheetos would be exciting though

    1. When Cheetos are involved, it's always exciting. Ha!