Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Friday

Hello Lovelies.  Looks like we all made it through another week.  Here's some randomness for your Friday.

1. Petco was having a sale on Eukanuba, which is the only brand we feed Lola.  Plus, I had a coupon.  Major score.  This, by the way, will feed her for just over four months.  She was elated.  Hey, she knows a good deal when she sees one.

2. Looks like Becks is retiring from 'football'.  He played for 20 years and holds quite a few titles.  What's a super star to do after retirement?  Focus on his ambassadorial duties.  Swoon.  Read more here.

3. Remember that Pinterest update a few weeks (months?) ago?  Some loved it, some hated it.  I just realized that with the update, Pinterest will now tell me if I've already pinned something.  Mark that as awesome.

4. The husband's birthday is this month (hear that, Grandma?) and so as any normal person would, we like to celebrate the whole month.  We are headed out of town to see a Toadies concert.  We don't normally travel for concerts, but it's the Toadies.  And I love my husband.  Never heard of the Toadies?  They are based in the DFW area and I don't think they are very well-known outside of Texas.

5. My heart goes out to those affected by the tornadoes this week in the DFW area.  We didn't get any major damage, just lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightning.  The sirens did go off in our area and much to my husband's dismay, I dragged him and Lola down to the parking garage.  We are thankful that we are safe.

It's hard to take a picture of rain
Have a great weekend.


  1. It's also hard to take a picture of the moon...
    Lola, pace yourself.