Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Friday

Hooray for short weeks, yes?  Hmm.  Do short weeks always feel like the longest weeks ever to you?  They certainly do to me.  It's been a rough week over here and I'm always glad to see Friday.  (Unless I'm on vacation.)  Well let's get to it.

1. It rained quite a bit this week.  I finally discovered that if you take a picture of a rain soaked window, then it's so much easier to understand that the picture is of rain.  Duh.  Seriously, I just realized that.

2. I have friends who have some seriously thought out and beautiful table decor.  (You know who you are.)  Me?  Not so much.  This week the husband and I had the great idea to buy an herb and pot it and use it as table decor.  Yes that qualifies as a great idea.  I would give you instructions on how to pot a plant (much like I did here), but really, just throw the plant in the pot and fill the sides with Miracle Gro.  (Oh and water it, yeah that's important.)  We chose a mint herb.  It's evident in the picture below that we shouldn't have table decor.  I mean, look at all the mess.

3. I made another Pinterest recipe.  I know, look at me.  Domesticated and all that.  I'm actually pretty good at following recipes.  Find the recipe here.

Via (I inhaled mine so fast, I didn't have time for pictures)
4. and 5. I'm still determined to convince my husband that I need a kitchen aid mixer.  He says I can buy a hand mixer.  Womp, womp.  I'm also trying to convince him that we need a beach vacation.  Not a fancy beach, just a body of water located very, very far away from my office.  No cell phone service would be a bonus, but that would probably require a plane ride and I'm not very good at that.  Hey, that's a good random fact.  I don't fly well, at all.  I'm extremely claustrophobic and I'm a firm believer that one should be able to 'pull over' using all methods of transportation.  I don't like feeling trapped.

Well, there you have it.  Another random week.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I don't think I've ever actually made a recipe that I've pinned on pinterest. It makes me feel like a pinterest fake! I just pin away and never use them!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Don't feel too bad, Lauren. I've only recently started to actually make recipes from Pinterest. I still don't do any DIY pins or workouts. I also don't own any of the clothes I pin. Maybe we should start a club. We might need some support.