Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July Birchbox

I received my July Birchbox several weeks ago, but I thought it would be a thing to talk about for my beauty/fashion related segment.  What is Birchbox?  A little box of high-end product samples.  You know, those products that you would love to know if they actually work, but are not willing to risk spending $35+ to find out.  I've been receiving Birchbox since January of this year and while there are some definite hit and misses, overall I am very happy I signed up.  The cost?  $10 a month.  This post will include an example of what you might find in a Birchbox.

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask
Mud mask might be an overstatement here.  I expected a thick and creamy (mud-like, if you will) paste.  Instead, I was surprised to see a normal cleanser type product squeezed out into my palm.  Is this the most amazing thing ever?  I'm not really sure. I've been using it once a week for a couple of weeks now and although nothing amazing has happened to my skin, I haven't broken out, either.  Breaking out happens to me a lot, so I was very happy to not achieve this result.  Will I run out and buy it?  Probably not.

Tea Forte Minteas
I love tea and these little mints definitely taste like tea.. and mint.  Weird?  No way.  They are a refreshing little taste of wonderful.  I've spotted them in my local Whole Foods and I have plans to purchase more when I run out of the FULL-SIZE tin provided in my box.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
I love the way liquid liner looks on other people.  I say other people, because my hands were definitely not created for surgical purposes.  When applying eyeliner, I shake and that does not make for a good combination with liquid liner.  This eyeliner is a stick and easier to apply than those eyeliners than come with a want type applier.  Does it look wonderful?  Haha.  Does it look as bad as a wand?  No.  Can I now create trendy cat eyes to blend in with the rest of America.  No.  But, I do think I am getting better the more I practice.  Also another FULL-SIZE surprise in black (as opposed to blue, which would have pissed me off).

Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color....
This is a spray for your hair to protect it from the sun.  In theory, I love it.  I color my grey infested hair and not only does the color fade in the sun, my natural hair color also fades in the sun.  Does this product work?  Honestly, I have no idea.  I have such stubborn grey hair that I have to redo my roots every 4 weeks or so.  And my hair was already faded from the sun and chlorine.  I guess I'll have to keep using it and let you know.

Harvey Prince Hello
Don't even get me started on the stupid perfume samples that are in every box.  This is a huge complaint of mine for Birchbox.  If I want to try this I can get a sample from any department store perfume counter... for FREE!  This one at least came with a spray nozzle.  I don't even bother with the samples that have those tops you have to pop off.  It always happens that I end up spilling most of those.... which leads to a profanity laced walk to the trash can.

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
I am very happy that these were included in my box this month.  They are neon (very trendy) and fun.  Are they Bose equivalent?  No, don't be silly.  But I can hear music through them and I like them.  

And that's a wrap.

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  1. I too am very relieved that your eyeliner was not electric glitter blue!

    Looking forward to your monthly box posts! :)