Friday, August 17, 2012

Lola. Dog.

Dearest Blog Readers,

Well, the Olympics are over.  How bittersweet.  I mean, it was a fabulous two weeks, but now I can get back to regularly scheduled life.  I would like to point out that the USA was top earner in medals.  We.are.awesome.  I would like to also point out that women athletes topped male athletes for most medals won.  That's because women are awesome.  I'm not really a feminist, but I do feel it is my duty to make sure everyone knows that women are better than men.  Just like dogs are better than cats.  Clearly.  Anyway, the end of the Olympics.  Sadly, I missed the closing ceremony because the two big people were here and they were watching something else.  My heart crumbled.  I tried to tell them, but they just thought I was telling them I needed to go outside.  Humans.  The biggest upset is that I missed the Spice Girls.  I fully plan on searching for the performance on YouTube, as soon as I catch up on all my missed sleep.  The Spice Girls are pretty awesome, mainly because of Victoria Beckham.  Sure she can't sing, but she is nothing short of a fashion icon and I patiently await her new collection every year.  Also, it doesn't hurt that she's married to the eye candy of all eye candy, David Beckham.  As long as he keeps doing those underwear commercials, the world will be okay by me.

Did you realize that this week was Shark Week?  The big people didn't watch much of it, so luckily I was able to DVR it and watch it while they were gone.  Okay, to be honest, I only DVR'd Monday and Tuesday.  There were just too many water scenes and we all know how I feel about water.  Plus, it was interfering with my catching up on naps.

The big people were listening to an interesting segment on NPR the other day regarding birds and their untimely deaths as a result of flying into windows.  You know, big buildings with windows.  Birds actually fly into those.  Hard.  And then they die.  The story went on about how architects are trying to come up with ideas to build bird friendly buildings.  Something about UV light that they can see that we cannot.  Oh and how expensive it all is, etc.  If you ask me birds are flying into windows because they are trying to fly and tweet at the same time.  I told you that birds should not be the bearer of all world news!!  They are irresponsible and it's costing them their species.  I think we should attach some ads to some airplanes about how birds should safely land on a sturdy surface before tweeting.  It's just dangerous.  Maybe they should leave breaking news to dogs.  We did find those Dalmatian puppies after all.

The last thing I want to discuss is the seasons.  It's so unbearably hot.  I would give anything for it to be Fall.  Well, by anything I mean anything that the big people own, clearly.  Although I would give up those stupid bowls they bought me with that hideous monster at the bottom.  "It's just a bone," said the big one.  Ha, I know better!  You cannot trick me.  Any way, I digress.  Seasons, yes.  So, I am so ready for cooler temperatures.  Although I am not ready for the leaves to fall.  Those things are a hazard.  Please be careful out there.  They can kill you!  What else does Fall bring?  New TV seasons.  Grimm has already started and I am beside myself with happiness.

That reminds me that I need to look at the new Fall line up and make sure the big people remembered to DVR all the important ones...

Until next time,

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  1. Yup, just a bone in that bowl - that lasted all of two weeks.