Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

It seems that my blog will not follow a set schedule.  Well, except for Lola Fridays.  She fought for it and won, so she will always post on Fridays.  We had a nice weekend, so I decided to share some random moments.

#1. Worm Ranch
In one of the bazillion emails I receive each week I was notified that there would be a hot dog stand at the White Rock Local Market.  My immediate reaction was not to scream for joy over a hot dog stand, but instead to ask what is the White Rock Local Market.  One Google search later and I found out.  It's like a farmer's market.  SG (my husband) and I LOVE going to small farmer's markets to see what we can find.  We walked around and saw a sign for a Worm Ranch.  SG being the knowledge hoarder that he is just had to know what that was.  They sell worms, worm excrement and worm tea.  You can buy the worms and feed them your table scraps and create your own excrement or you can just buy the excrement.  You are supposed to use it in your yard as mulch.  It's an organic, 'all natural' product.  Very interesting, yes?  What was more interesting is that we stood there for 15 minutes out of the shade talking to this guy.  And by we, I mean SG.  Might I add that we don't even have a yard.  Oh, and also, for inquiring minds, the hot dog stand was MIA.

#2. Taste of White Rock
While we were at the Local Market, we also saw a booth for "Taste of White Rock".  So, we inquired.  They were selling coupon packets for local restaurants (half of which we were familiar with and LOVE).  It was $10 and the coupons are buy one entree, get one free.  I think it was an awesome steal and we headed to Barbec's (one of the restaurants we love) as soon as we left the Local Market.

#3. Beer
If you know me, you know I have a fondness for a nice, ice cold beer.  SG and I frequented Trinity Hall a couple of times this weekend (it was hot!).  SG loves to try the different beers and I love to listen to the waiters with the Irish accents.  I thought I would share one beer that SG found over the weekend that he just loved.  Staropramen.  It's a Czech lager and can also be found in Whole Foods (which we excitedly discovered).

#4.  Breadwinners
Last, but not least, in our journey to North Park (my favorite mall), we discovered they will be adding Breadwinner's.  Have you not had Breadwinner's?  You are truly missing out.  They have the best southwest breakfast tacos and I am patiently awaiting their arrival.

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