Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Running behind

The week has officially caught up to me and I am officially behind on blog posts.  I had the best intentions of showing you a few new purchases that I have made and showing you pairings to make different outfits... but it's Tuesday evening and I am sitting here sans make-up, so there goes that idea.  Ha. Instead, I'm going to cheat a little and leave you with a thought to ponder for today. 

If you absolutely could not fail, what would you attempt to do?

I'm not going to try to control your thought process on this.  I'm not going to say to not think simple, such as playing your lucky lotto numbers.  I think, personally, I took it to mean a little something deeper.  I mean, think about it.  What have you not done, because you were so caught up with not failing?  What has fear kept you from not necessarily achieving, but at least attempting.  I associate fear with risk.  There are lot of risks in the world.  In the world of investments, it is said that if you take more risk, you will receive more reward.  I think people forget the flip side to that, which is the more risk you take, the more downside you are exposed to.  You take a lot of risk to achieve something and you fall short.  Do you brush yourself off and risk it again?  Or do you take a step back and tweak your game plan?  Are you in a toxic relationship because you are afraid of what it's like to be alone?  Are you alone because you are afraid of the risk of a relationship?  Are you doing what you're passionate about in life?  Do you like what you see (internally) when you look in the mirror?

I encourage you not to be absorbed by fear or failure.  Get up, dust yourself off and truly decide what your next step is.  After all, failure is just like success in that it is not perpetual.

Too deep?  Then I leave with this photo and a smile on your face.

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