Monday, August 27, 2012

Neutrals: Part Two - Patterns

Last week I discussed basic neutrals.  This week I want to introduce a new neutral.  Pattern.  You do not have to wear a solid neutral color for it to be a neutral.  Examples of pattern neutrals are small checks, plaid, pinstripe and tweed.  The key to pattern neutrals is size.  For example, a pinstripe is usually such a thin line that an observer does not even realize you are wearing pinstripes until they are in close proximity to you.  The line is so thin, that it does not create breaks in the outfit, like say a large print would.  The pattern is so miniscule that it is viewed as a solid.  Below is an example of patterns, as neutrals.
 Top Row: 1 / 23
Bottom Row: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The two skirts on the left are a plaid skirt and a pinstripe skirt.  These patterns do not have to be grey.  I included two tops to show that they can be paired with any color top.  The jacket on the right is tweed.  It can be worn over a dress or top of any color.  These patterns are true neutrals, so do not hesitate to pair them with other colorful items in your closet.

What else can you pair with your outfit that is a neutral?  Accessories.  If you want to incorporate an accessory into your outfit, but you aren't sure what color to choose, then you can always use neutral accessories.  This is a great way to look all pulled together, without worrying about clashing colors.  More questions about colors?  I'll cover that in the next part of this series. 

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